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Bridging community and hospital settings in cardiovascular disease (CVD) management

There are a number of evidence-based management options for patients with cardiovascular disease (CVD), with many patients on suboptimal plans and suffering from poor coordination between community and hospital settings.

Our client wanted to create clarity around specific patient profiles, and the optimal management strategy in each case, through an educational series that started with the basics and gradually increased the complexity of cases.

Target audience: General cardiologists and PCPs/family physicians, with a secondary focus on endocrinologists and nephrologists – in the USA


We brought cardiologists and PCPs together to explore, share and discuss clinical cases, with:

  • A dedicated discussion group
  • Educational clinical cases, tailored to capture the role of specialists versus generalists and different clinical settings
  • Targeted, segmented omnichannel exposure


Over nine months, 84% of engagements came from the primary target audience of cardiologists and PCPs.

107,100 Unique HCPs reached

22,183 Engagements with content



Commentary from HCPs increased along with rising complexity of cases, with nuances in care decisions detailed, and at times debated, by specialists