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Delivering PCP, specialist and community healthcare worker education at scale

Online medical education often fails to reach HCPs in the difficult-to-penetrate markets of the global south. MedShr’s mobile-first content reaches HCPs – even those in remote settings with limited access to digital platforms – while case-based education engages them, supporting peet-to-peer discussion and learning.

Our client wanted to maximize the impact of medical education to doctors and community healthcare workers, particularly those working within resource-scarce settings, building skills and capacity.

Target audience: Specialist and generalist doctors, nurses and community health workers, with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa, LATAM and Indonesia


Needs-driven broad based education that encourages pee-to-peer discussion and learning at scale:

  • Clinical teaching cases
  • Curated educational resources and e-learning modules
  • Peer-to-peer discussion groups
  • Collaboration with local partners and organizations
  • Control and test polling to measure impact
  • Targeted, segmented omnichannel exposure


In control and test polling, participant HCP test scores around diagnosis and management improved by 69% – with 95% reporting that they were implementing learnings in their clinical practice, suggesting significant impact on patient care

>903,400 Unique HCPs reached
>278,100 Engagements


Community Healthcare Workers demonstrated their critical role in healthcare delivery, at times performing better on poll assessments than doctors for highly prevalent conditions in their communities

“The Global Health program remains a key resource that we can rely on to effectively educate and engage all levels of HCPs at scale.”