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How everyday challenges in interventional cardiology led to an award-winning medical education platform serving a 2.5 million-strong medical community

Why MedShr?

Empowering doctors to share knowledge and save lives

There's a genuine purpose behind MedShr. Our mission, our core 'Why' is around improving patient care and saving lives. The MedShr platform is designed to empower doctors to do that by sharing their knowledge and insights in a secure, professional peer-to-peer learning environment. We build on that knowledge by providing high quality medical education developed in collaboration with medical societies and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), demonstrating the application of the latest scientific evidence and guidelines in clinical practice.


From tennis aces to heart races: Dr Qasim serves apps for social good

MedShr founder Dr Asif Qasim is a consultant cardiologist in London with director-level appointments in the UK’s National Health Service. While working on his PhD in cardiovascular stem cell biology, Asif discovered networks such as MySpace and Naseeb and saw the potential of this technology for social good. Playing university tennis brought into focus the challenge of trying to stay connected with other sports enthusiasts without the structure and networks that universities and schools naturally bring. He soon launched comenplay.com, a profile-based sport and exercise platform. This pre-Facebook community gained partnerships with Sport England and many sports clubs and associations and earned positive press such as Time Out Website of the Week. It wasn't long before Asif started considering the potential impact of a platform to connect healthcare professionals. Learning from his experience with comenplay.com, Asif devised and quickly launch g-cardio.net—The Global Cardiology Network.

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Doctors can safely share and discuss medical images

With the Global Cardiology Network, it quickly became apparent that doctors needed much more than just a network based on shared interests. With clinical case discussion at the core of how doctors share knowledge, it was critical that we provide the medical community with a way to discuss cases while keeping patients safe. 

With funding from a UK government business research and development grant, we developed Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine processing technology. Soon, the Global Cardiology Network allowed members to safely share and discuss angiograms, echos, ECGs and medical images as well as the new clinical trials data and guidelines.


MedShr launches global platform for all clinical specialities

We launched MedShr from the Founders’ Factory Accelerator in September 2015 as a high growth technology company. From an initial community of 1,000 cardiologists and hospitalists, the network grew rapidly to 10,000 in the first six months, and 100,000 within the first year. The platform now connects over 2.5 million doctors and healthcare professionals from around the world, in every clinical speciality and subspecialty.

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MedShr wins FbStart Social Good App of the Year

MedShr is unique in that the platform enables doctors to connect and safely share knowledge whether they are in world-leading health systems in the US or in resource-poor settings. In recognition of MedShr's use in migrant camps to help doctors caring for refugees from Syria, Iraq and many other countries, MedShr awarded the FbStart Social Good App of the Year award.

Growing a powerful mobile education and support network for doctors across the globe


MedShr wins UN World Summit Award

The WSA Global Congress presented MedShr with a trophy for the best health and wellbeing product at Vienna City Hall in front of UN representatives and ICT ministries. MedShr also joined the London mayor’s International Business Programme’s B2B Life Science and FinTech Mission for ambitious high-growth companies from London’s technology, life sciences and urban sectors.



MedShr medical community reaches 500,000


MedShr named in TechCrunch Digital Top 50 for social impact



MedShr connects 1 million doctors and health professionals through peer learning


MedShr leads in COVID response

MedShr’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic illustrates the potential impact of a truly connected global community of doctors. As COVID-19 emerged in early 2020, the MedShr team saw a corresponding increase in the number of X-rays posted on the platform, and increasing mentions of fever, dry cough and loss of sense of smell – symptoms we now know are associated with coronavirus. Responding to these emerging trends, MedShr’s engineering, data and clinical teams came together to rapidly develop a symptom app, new features, secure global knowledge-sharing groups and free medical education programmes to support its clinical members through one of the most challenging periods in recent history. 

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MedShr Early Warning System wins Trinity Challenge

MedShr Insights and Early Warning System aims to identify future outbreaks of this and other diseases at the earliest possible stage using medical natural language processing, machine learning, AI and social listening technology to MedShr’s real world medical data. To allow for an even stronger surveillance system, the data can in future be further enriched by ingesting scientific research papers, electronic medical records and social media.  


2 million doctors use MedShr for clinical case discussion

Enabling compliant case discussion and medical micro-learning, MedShr’s community grew to 10,000 physician members within the first six months, and to 100,000 within the first year. The platform is now used by over two million members. Every week, more than 10,000 physicians join us from all over the world to share knowledge on everything from rare diseases to global health challenges such as malaria.


1,000 free open-access medical education modules on MedShr Learning

Doctors in any country can now access over 1,000 free, online, self-paced interactive medical education modules on MedShr Learning. Courses and modules include disease awareness, surgical procedures, practical clinical applications of new medical evidence and guidelines, and soft skills such as developing resilience and improving performance under pressure.


MedShr's medical community reaches 2.5 million doctors worldwide


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