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Case-based medical education, quick polls, interactive learning modules and digital advisory boards, tailored to physicians in any clinical specialty, in MedShr's community of over 2.5 million doctors.

MedShr is the world's leading case discussion platform for health professionals.

Why Choose MedShr?

By doctors, for doctors

Our medical education programs are developed by our in-house clinical team, with expert input from Key Opinion Leaders.

Doctors in every country

Reach, engage and educate doctors in our global community of 2.5 million doctors, with targeting by country, specialty and role.

Secure and compliant

MedShr is a compliant platform for verified health professionals, with built-in technology for patient consent and privacy.

iOS, Android and web

MedShr's award-winning case discussion platform is available on any device, so doctors can engage anytime, anywhere.

MedShr's medical education programs are tailored, localized, and targeted

Case Studies: Targeted Medical Education 


Rare Disease:
Accelerated Referral

With rare diseases, medical education is critical to accelerating identification, referral, and diagnosis, as well as improving patient outcomes. In this case-based medical education program, pediatricians, nephrologists, endocrinologists and family doctors brought together in a dedicated discussion forum to learn about and discuss how to enable early detection of X-linked hypophospahtemia (XLH).


Pancreatic Cancer: Insights from KOLs

In pancreatic cancer and other rapidly evolving therapy areas, doctors are faced with an overwhelming amount of data. In this program, we connected oncologists, radiologists and internal medicine specialists in a secure online forum to engage with clinical cases and scientific posts. We invited KOLs to share their insights about the implications of new data on patient management.


Global Health:
900k HCPs reached 

Online medical education often fails to reach HCPs where it's needed most. With this ground-breaking and award-winning program, we made a significant impact on patient care in LMICs, with over 903,400 doctors and community health workers engaging with free, mobile-first education in malaria, sickle cell disease, leprosy, antimicrobial resistance, ophthalmology, HIV and other high burden conditions. 

“The Global Health program remains a key resource that we can rely on to effectively educate and engage all levels of HCPs at scale.”

- Global Head Medical Affairs, Global Health and Sustainability, Novartis


MedShr's medical education programs are designed to reach, engage and educate health professionals

Medical Education Programs


Disease Awareness

Engage and educate multidisciplinary care teams in any condition with tailored, targeted medical education.


Product Launch

Reach physicians in any country and any clinical speciality with KOL-led education around new therapies.


Independent Medical Education

Translate complex data into clinical practice through expert-led discussions, modules and case-based education.

Students - Scholarship and Leadership (2)

How It Works

How we design impactful medical education

We combine our expertise in physician engagement with insights about the latest medical evidence and polls to gauge current knowledge. In collaboration with your team, we'll design an outcomes-focused educational program combining polls, clinical cases, interactive learning modules and peer discussions.


The Global Health program remains a key resource that we can rely on to effectively educate and engage all levels of HCPs at scale. Novartis | Global Head Medical Affairs & Chief Medical Officer
We’ve been delighted with the ongoing success of the hemophilia education program that we have funded, which has enabled MedShr to educate around the complex challenges that specialists face. Bayer | Senior VP, Hemophilia Global
This is the most exciting thing I've seen in a long time. New York Hemophilia Chapter | Executive Director
Combining the power of the DocSearch specialized medical search engine with the expansive reach of MedShr's HCP-facing platform creates an unprecedented opportunity for putting actionable insights into the hands of physicians. Dr. Evidence | CEO

Put knowledge into practice.

Case-based medical education improves outcomes 

Clinical case discussion is the language of medicine. It's how doctors are trained, how they share insights with fellow physicians, how they learn to apply new medical evidence to clinical practice. We'll help you harness the power of clinical case discussion to deliver real impact and improve patient outcomes.

sickle cell education

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