Dr.Evidence™ partners with MedShr to enhance medical knowledge for physicians and HCPs

Dr.Evidence™ partners with MedShr™ to enhance medical knowledge for physicians and healthcare professionals

8 December, 2021

Putting Knowledge into the Hands of Physicians and HCPs

The partnership integrates Dr.Evidence’s AI-powered DocSearch medical search engine with the MedShr platform for physicians, healthcare professionals (HCPs), medical societies, and academics. MedShr was developed to enable physicians to share and discuss clinical cases, and connects nearly two million physicians and HCPs in 195 countries for medical learning. 

“We are excited about the power that DocSearch puts in the hands of physicians to engage with the published evidence. The real time AI insights and analysis from DocSearch combined with MedShr case discussion and peer-to-peer learning will have a tremendous impact on clinical practice and patient care,” said MedShr Founder and CEO Asif Qasim, MA PhD FRCP.

DocSearch generates evidence-based results from medical search queries by processing global published medical literature and real-world data, utilizing powerful, natural language processing and machine learning technology. Physicians and HCPs on MedShr’s platform will be able to leverage this technology to view co-occurring terms across the available body of literature, enabling them to better understand biomedical relationships, from disease symptoms to drug-adverse events, and beyond. The insights gained will both inform and transform interventions for better patient health outcomes.

“Since the beginning, our vision has been to democratize medical evidence,” said Dr.Evidence CEO Bob Battista, MBA, FRSPH, FRCP Edinburgh. “That starts with getting medical evidence into the hands of physicians and HCPs who interact daily with peers and directly with patients. Combining the power of the DocSearch specialized medical search engine with the expansive reach of MedShr’s HCP-facing platform creates an unprecedented opportunity for putting actionable insights into the hands of physicians and HCPs, and, in turn, helping them deliver better, evidence-based patient care.” 

“While Dr.Evidence maintains a strong position in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors, this marks our first significant expansion into clinical decision support for physicians,” stated Joseph A. Boystak, Chairman of Dr.Evidence. “Medical knowledge is rapidly accelerating in scope and complexity and doubling every several months. The need for an enhanced medical information ecosystem is essential and will be enabled by AI / ML tools such as those offered by Dr.Evidence,” Boystak further noted.

About Dr.Evidence™

Dr.Evidence™ is the leading medical intelligence platform for life sciences companies that enables teams to identify breakthrough insights grounded in the vast universe of published medical information, real-world evidence and proprietary data. It pushes the boundaries of healthcare technology and allows for new possibilities in science, enabling more informed decision making and faster time-to-market for accelerated impact.

About MedShr

MedShr is a secure, professional app and network for medical professionals to connect and learn through case discussion. Over 2 million doctors and HCPs use MedShr to discover, discuss and share clinical cases and medical images. The platform’s innovative educational approach puts focus on the application of insights from the latest scientific publications in real-world scenarios. Developed by doctors, for doctors, its speaks to specialists in their language, fostering learning and discussion about the specifics of clinical decision-making and management.


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