Malaria Day 2021: MedShr Launches Free Malaria Global Education Network for Healthcare Professionals

Malaria Day 2021: MedShr Launches Free Malaria Global Education Network for Healthcare Professionals

23 April, 2021

MedShr, the world’s leading platform for healthcare professionals, launches their Malaria Global Education Network on World Malaria Day, 25 April 2021. Aimed at preventing malaria and improving care and outcomes for patients, the free network will enable healthcare professionals around the world to share knowledge and experience and discuss malaria cases. 

Every year, malaria is responsible for half a million deaths worldwide. Despite being entirely preventable and treatable for less than $1 per patient, around 300,000 children die annually from malaria before their 5th birthday, nearly all of whom live in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Morbidity from malaria is also substantial, disrupting school attendance in poorer countries and significantly slowing the economic growth of high burden nations.

Despite significant progress in reducing the malaria deaths by 60% since 2000, saving over 7 million lives, progress has now plateaued according to the WHO.  With the COVID-19 pandemic further disrupting access to essential medical services, especially in low and middle income countries, there is a huge risk of reversing the gains already made. Latest research estimates that a 50% disruption in access to malaria treatment in sub-Saharan Africa could lead to an additional 100,000 deaths this year (source to be added).

On World Malaria Day 2021, MedShr joins global efforts in drawing the line against malaria through our new Malaria Global Education Network, aimed at preventing malaria and improving care and outcomes for patients. 

“The burden of malaria is enormous, and every effort to limit its impact, especially on vulnerable groups such as women and children makes a real difference,” said Dr Antonia Trent, Clinical Director at MedShr. “We have developed a unique tool to support colleagues in addressing this disease, and would like to take the opportunity to invite all healthcare professionals globally to take part .”

The Malaria Global Education Network will enable healthcare professionals worldwide to connect and learn through clinical case discussion on the MedShr app and platform. There will also be the opportunity for healthcare professionals to share their own experiences, discuss challenging cases, and have access to free, mobile-friendly resources that support them in their daily practice.

By joining this network and contributing relevant educational experiences, doctors and healthcare professionals can do their part to fulfil this year’s motto: Zero Malaria Starts With Me.

For free access to the Global Malaria Education Network, doctors and other health professionals are encouraged to sign up using this link:

MedShr also offers free, fast-tracked, registration for medical schools, hospitals and medical societies. For further information, email:

About MedShr

Now with over 1.5 million members worldwide, MedShr provides a unique digital channel for medical professionals to share their knowledge and skills, discuss complex and challenging cases, and learn from one another. 

MedShr is available to download free for iOS and Android from the App Store and Google Play. Access to the platform is limited to verified doctors and registered healthcare professionals.


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