Medshr partners with The Ultrasound Site to improve musculoskeletal ultrasound education

Medshr partners with The Ultrasound Site to improve musculoskeletal ultrasound education

15 November 2017

The Ultrasound Site will leverage MedShr’s active learning platform to help educate medical and allied healthcare professionals around diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound, through clinical case discussion

MedShr - the private, professional network for clinical case discussion, has today announced its partnership with The Ultrasound Site, a provider of global musculoskeletal ultrasound educational content and training courses.

The two companies will collaborate to bridge the gap in training and development of diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound by creating a unique learning environment on MedShr. The knowledge gained through The Ultrasound Site materials and courses can be shared and discussed on a global scale among MSK professionals on MedShr. Dr Asif Qasim, the founder and CEO of MedShr says: “This is an excellent opportunity to bring together medical professionals with a specialty interest in musculoskeletal ultrasound to share knowledge and improve patient care across the board.”

To this end, MedShr will launch two dedicated case discussion groups on its platform for medical professionals, including an exclusive group for The Ultrasound Site course attendees to continue their learning within a private, safe and supportive online community.

The partnership aims to bridge the divide caused by the dramatic increase in the use of diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound and the need for thorough training and development of the competency. 

The Ultrasound Site is an invaluable resource for MSK education, while MedShr provides a GMC and HIPAA compliant platform that supports verified medical and healthcare professionals through peer-to-peer case discussion.

About MedShr

MedShr is an app and platform for the medical community to share and discuss clinical cases. It has over 350,000 members engaged in active learning through case discussion across the world.

MedShr works in partnership with Health Education England, Digital Health London, BMJ Case Reports and several NHS bodies. The app was the winner of Facebook Start’s Social Good App of the Year 2016, and the World Summit Award 2017 in the Health and Wellbeing category.

About The Ultrasound Site

The Ultrasound Site is the leading online and global community for clinicians using diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound. It provides free access, educational resources via its website and social media channels (@mskultrasound) and also organises high quality training courses for musculoskeletal ultrasound including injection courses.


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